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Purpose Inspired: by Wayne Visser
10. The Principle of Glocality
December 09, 2018 Wayne Visser

This podcast explores how glocality (thinking globally, while acting locally) can help to achieve a transformation of CSR. In the podcast, Prof. Dr Wayne Visser reads Chapter 10 from his book, The Age of Responsibility: CSR 2.0 and the New DNA of Business. The podcast is broken into the following sections:
- Case: The Story of AIESEC and Me
- Origins of Glocality
- CSR Around the World
- Myths of CSR in Developing Countries
- An Alternative CSR Pyramid
- Local CSR Drivers
- Global CSR Drivers
- Going Native and Becoming Indigenous
- Social Media Muddle
- A New Way of SEEing
- Glocality in Practice

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